Becoming a Vendor

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at The Center Market, please review this information and fill out the 2015 application. The market is a great way to develop your business, connect with the community, make some extra money, and have fun.

It is the philosophy of The Center Market management that the market be a place of building individual business, and relationships with our customers and other vendors. We are a small community that does better working together. This is why competition is limited. The goal is mutual success. We are all business owners which insures personal resolve and dedication, but it does mean from time to time there will be a little conflict. It is up to each vendor to treat others with respect and a little grace. Personal attitude affects your day more than anything. Please bring any issues to management’s attention that you think is necessary. It will be heard and evaluated, we will do our utmost to help keep the market a positive environment.

All vendors at The Center Market are week to week vendors. There is no long term agreement between you and The Center Market management. That being said we are never itching to shake things up or replace vendors. Vendors are automatically renewed for participation unless canceled by the management or you, the vendor. Skipping markets without notice is considered cancelation. If market management is canceling future service you will be notified at the end of the market day.

The Center Market specializes is food grown, caught, or produced in Alaska or products made from Alaskan agricultural goods. Feel free to post market related postings on The Center Market face book page, The Center Market- Alaska’s Only Year-round Market. The ADN also runs a year round column on Wednesdays called Market Fresh you should email every Sunday or Monday if you want to be included in the column.


The Center Market is a non competition market, if you want to occupy the same niche as someone else, you may be turned down. All vendors are subject to space availability, this will change and flex with the seasons, we try to be as consistent as possible with your placement.


If you've carefully read everything and think The Center Market is right for you,
then contact us to get started!

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